Do Insurance Agents in Surat provide International Travel Insurance?


“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”


...but when you take that one step, you may somehow know where you are heading to but probably wouldn’t be able to figure out if you’d pass through it. Just the same way, when you are planning to go for a vacation, you’ll have a ticket with the destination written on it but there is not warranty or guarantee card for the security for you or your belongings.  This is why travel insurance becomes as necessary as the first aid kit in your bag pack. Uncertainty may pop up anywhere, anytime.  Though risk cannot be eliminated it can definitely be managed.

Under any uncertain situations, travel insurance may take care of any unforeseen losses such as medical expenses while overseas, trip cancellations, lost luggage, flight delays, public liability and other expenses. And these are all covered regardless of whether you travel domestically or internationally.

Now the question arises, ‘do travel insurance agents in Surat offer international travel insurance?’ The answer to this question is Yes, they do. Your insurance agent in Surat selects your travel insurance as per your needs and demand. For example, if you’re a frequent traveller, you can buy annual travel insurance policy and skip the hassle of buying a policy for each trip. You can even get insured for you last minute trips with single day issuance of policy.

Now that you are through with travel insurance, it is very important to know about its various types, which are:

  1. Domestic travel insurance:

It is the type of insurance offered to customers for travel within India. Any Indian citizen travelling within India or any of the foreigners who have permit to work in India can buy domestic travel insurance.

  1. International travel insurance:

It is the type of insurance offered to customers before they embark on a foreign trip for any purpose. Any medical or nonmedical emergencies are covered under these plans. It helps in being worry free on a foreign trip.

  1. Individual travel insurance:

This policy plays an important role on your solo abroad trip. It offers various benefits along with normal benefits such as repatriation in case of medical emergencies, repatriation of mortal remains, any dental emergency expenses following an accident, compensation following accidental injuries, and many others according to your policy needs.

  1. Corporate travel insurance:

Employees of any corporate or organisation can get coverage for international travel under annual multi-trip travel insurance or corporate travel insurance. This way they are secured while on work, away from their awaiting families.

  1. Student travel insurance:

There are many options available for general insurance in Surat. This is one of the. As the trend of studying abroad rises, the need for buying travel insurance for them will also rise. This policy would work on the same grounds, providing a form of protection for students going abroad by taking care of their medical expenses, passport loss, and various other reasons which may interrupt their studies.

  1. Senior citizen travel insurance:

The age group of 61-70 is highly prone to unforeseen circumstances then the other age groups. This insurance product is highly advisable for these people as it would be helpful in securing their accidental medical treatment and cashless hospitalisation along with other normal travel insurance coverage.

  1. Family travel insurance:

This is a form of floater where there is one single policy for all the family members. This offers coverage for hospitalisation, baggage loss, and other incidental expenses.


And here you are ready to plan your next destination in a secured manner. Be it a solo trip to Ladakh or family vacation to Australia, you are all ready to go with just one more item being added to your planning list.

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