Importance of Internship

Internships are a period when aspiring individuals further their classroom education, by working for a relevant organization, and gain practical knowledge and insights into the real picture of an industry. Standing on the crossroads of life and struggling to outshine the crowd, working as an intern could arguably be the best thing you can do. In today’s competitive markets, the companies demand for experience in your resumes. And to get a fulfilling resume, you need practical knowledge drawn out of your books.

To gain experience, you need experience. Students generally fail to implement their knowledge in the actual situation, because in the entire school life, they are always taught to learn and write but never to implement it out of their classrooms. It is correct in saying that ‘real learning happens outside the classroom.’

Internships not only benefits the interns but also the organization. It has always been based on a win-win situation.

From the intern’s perspective:

Apart from building up and enhancing the resume, internship unfolds various opportunities and benefits in an individual’s life.

  1. Networking - Networks always maintain a crucial edge over other possibilities of growing.

The people they come in contact within the course of their internship, may prove to be an important resource in their future

  1. Soft skills – Along with already possessed skills being sharpened, interns strive to gulp down various soft skills such as empathy, trustworthiness, creativity, team spirit, communication, etc.
  2. Career exploration – at different point of time they may have different interests, and this may create chaos while choosing their career options. Internships can be useful in understanding one’s actual area of interest.
  3. Sense of professionalism – once you start going to a place of already planned disciplines and well-drawn layout of working procedure, you’d be able to get into a habit of accountability, responsibility and punctuality. This would help in creating a sense of professionalism in your life.


From the organization’s perspective:

In return of their resources spent on hiring an intern, organizations truly reap immediate benefits.

  1. Availability of
  2.  fresh talent – The organization gets an opportunity to explore new ideas and fresh perspectives brought in by the new generation.
  3. Database: without really giving a hiring commitment, organizations can gather and maintain unsolicited database of the interns. This talent pool can help the company find the right leaders of future.
  4. Pioneer of change: The students, these days, have a smooth hand over new technologies and innovations. This wave of fresh talent can really help the company outgrow in many dimensions of the industry by adopting and implementing new ways of working.
  5. Enhance your social media outreach – students are generally more familiar with the platforms of social media. They could easily help you outreach your existing visibility and build up a strong face of the company on different social platforms.


As an outcome of the above-mentioned points, we can conclude that internships are of a great benefit in an individual’s life. Besides getting a certificate of recognition or some good amount of stipend, the most important thing that an intern earns is experience and it is undeniably true that, ‘experience is the greatest teacher in one’s life.’

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